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She & Him: Volume One  On the acting front, I find her utterly flat, but .. who knew, Zooey Deschanel can sing.  Not a sound I usually go for, but I found it a very enjoyable listen transporting me to s different time and place.  Overall a pleasant surprise.  Will check out Volume 2 later...

Our Lady Peace: Burn Burn I loved their first three albums.  I could listen to this, but it didn't rock me anything like their early stuff.  They been drifting this way for a while tho...

Eve 6: It's All in Your Head This caused them to lose their RCA record deal, by selling only 162,000 units?!!  It might not be platinum quality, but damn its good rock, and worth far more than that sort of reception.  Ok there are a couple of weak tracks, but on the whole, well worth a listen.
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I Fight Dragons Cool is Just a Number:  A randomly selected new release.  The first track is demoscene, and overall I kinda like them, but it isn't love at first listen.

Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions: Came across them on a cable music station, decided to check them out.  Excellent get-up-and-go music.  No idea why I haven't happened across them before.  Going to check out all their other albums - which looks to be close to a dozen, so these are not newcomers.  Missing Pieces, the next earlier album has a different sound, but quite good as well.  Think I've found myself a new band to follow.

Mock Orange Mind is not Brain: Starting with their freshman effort.  I recalled them for winning a contest on for the track "Payroll" back in the day when that was a good place for indie.  The album was as strong as the two tracks that I had heard.  Their follow-on Nines and Sixes was also enjoyable.  Nice soulful guitar, pleasing vocal harmonies, good rhythm.

Next random pick: Gogol Bordello Transcontinental Express - punk Gypsy fusion.  Not i the mood for it today but I suspect I would really enjoy it when in a different mood.  Too fast and too grating, and the lead vocalist was doing chanting/spoken word, which extended the roughness.  After the first couple of tracks, things smoothed out, slowed down, and it became a pleasant listening experience.

Yes I realize I am not doing a good job of saying why I like what I like.  Will try and work on that...
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Coheed and Cambria Year of the Black Rainbow:  Not as strong as their past albums, but certainly worth a listen.  The recut single for Favor House Atlantic (2007), however, was dreck.

Angels and Airwaves I-Empire:  Loved the first album, and this is a great continuation.  Happy, boppy, magical.

Kings of Leon Only by the Night:  One overplayed song doesn't make a great band, or maybe I listen to the wrong stations....  When the hell are they going to start playing the rest of this album?!  Crawl was probably my favorite track, but the whole lot was delightful gritty rock. Even the tracks that didn't move me right off had the hallmarks of things that would grow on me with repeated listening.

kings of Leon Because of the Times:  Because if some is good, more is better?  Good album, but not as strong as their follow-on

Iris Hydra: It's Iris.  I like them.  No stand out tracks, but if you like them, worth the listen.  Liked Disconnect better, overall, and many of the remixes that came out of that album were improvements.  Hydra is lots of mixes, but...

Alien Ant Farm Up in the Attic:  Yet another "not as good as their earlier efforts, but still a good listen."

Ned's Atomic Dustbin Session: Well, not much of the way in new songs, but all the old favorites are back, and imo better than ever.  Less thrashy, more melodic.  Probably depends on my mood, but I'd chose this over Godfodderat least 5 out of 7 times.

more later....


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