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If you haven't read it, you probably should.

Also, one free book a month? I just found out about this, along with Baen's free library - which for the most part does't expire, is *large* and includes things like 1632, the book that kicked off the very (very, very, ...) large Ring of Fire series.

That can be found here:
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When I try to import my icons, I get:

Failure running job: Store requires data be a scalar reference. at /home/dw/production/cgi-bin/DW/Worker/ContentImporter/LiveJournal/ line 103.

I do have my default icon and its three tags, but nothing else came over.

Have tried importing several times....
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Hello world. Starting my migration dance.....
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O'Reilly Auto Parts scores a huge win

No, really.  Go here: ... search part 121G.

Warning ... spoiler? )
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The default login seems to refuse secure auth.... but I found a login link off the "Create Blog" page that claimed it was secure, so here I am logged in once again.

But that seems an utterly wrong way to go about it.

Are people just logging in in the clear, or is there some saner trick?
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I really want to photshop Barad-dûr into the DC skyline, along with headline "Trump signs executive order to revamp Washington Monument"

Any takers?
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Giving another shout out for a KS with amazing social/humanitarian potential.  They just crossed the funding line.

Their prior project was even more amazing - A Global Village Construction Set - 50 Machines and devices to jumpstart a farming economy
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And will occassionally post, too.  But most of the things I am postly about these days get posted to G+ instead of here.
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Humans.  Sigh.  Coding culture needs a swift kick to the head.
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I'm sorry.  My printer can't print a shipping label.  I need you to mail that to me.  No, I do not need you to mail me a shipping container.  My printer can print one of those.

Now I wonder when there will be 3D-ish versions of QR codes that FedEx and UPS will know how to read as shipping labels...
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Some fan mashups are decidedly... well, you decide. )
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Abney Park playing a house concert for a mere $3,000...

I guess that is the going rate.  Carbon Leaf was about the same.
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Stuck my nose back in to World of Warcraft for the first time in five years. Ran a character up to 20 as free-to-play. I was pretty sure where I was heading by halfway there, ground it out by habit...

Thank you, no. I can play and not feel challenged whether I am drunk or have someone sitting on my face giving me directions. I might as well play Tetris where the only pieces that drop are 2x2 squares.

To paraphrase Linus Torvald... if you think your players are idiots, only idiots will play it.

To the friends I know who still play - I hope the hell the raiding content isn't that stupid, but from what I've heard even the high end leveling is like the free taste - no thrills, no adrenalin.
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Dear Boston,

An airline seems to have misdirected your baggage.  By tomorrow, please pick up your 8"-12" of snow which it looks ike will be misplaced south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Clearly this is a clerical error of some sort, and we would like to get it straighted out as fast as possible.

This means I will likely be housebound for 36 hours or so, since they are also predicting 2-4" of idiot drivers as part of this weather system. That is of course a large-area average.  Localized MVAs will be 4'-6', with the occasional 10'-12' drift involving a tractor-trailer....  Our street lost one of its two stop signs last snowfall, which was <1".  not jut hit, but run over so hard it was bent full flat.
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because everything starts somewhere...

Metalweave games also have a full color book for use with multiple RPG systems - personally I recommend finding 5 people and getting the books at $20 a pop...
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I haz met the flipside of northern SUV idiots who drive 20 over the speed limit in blizzards because they are OMG impervious.

Down here, we have 4WDs doing 20 in a 55 zone, when the road is clear and dry, because ZOMG, there is SNOW on the grass in the median.  At least one of those I regcognize as having blown by me in a rain storm last autumn. (but snow!!!!!)


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