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My first truly good experience with a contractor in ages, so figured I would sing well deserved praise.

He and his one helper tore through stuff almost twice as fast as I was expecting.  After the shock of the first day, I observed them in action since often that speed is a sign of shortcuts and crap work.  But no, both he and his one helper knew exactly what they were doing.  And their hourly is lower than that of some of the untrained monkeys GCs have had in here before, nevermind the rate the GC were billing themselves.

Yes he does fixed quotes too - I just had a pile of small fiddly things, so we both thought hourly + mats was saner this time.

If a project is outside his scope, he is happy to put you in touch with other crews that he knows can handle the work.  He is also happy to GC another crew and make sure it gets done right.  When I redo my front decks next year, he will almost definitely get the job - he gave me a rough price, and it was more than five grand less than the quote I had from the guy that did my back decks...

He also works well with crazy engineers, and would happily listen (and not bill me for the time) if I had interesting solutions to things, and then let me know if that was a normal approach, something he hadn't seen before but workable, or explain where the failpoint was that I wasn't seeing.

Found him through DSLJ.  Joe Coviello (617) 504-5888

And yes, yes he will take jobs in NH.


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