vibrantabyss: (caterpillar)
2015-02-25 04:00 pm

and then there is the random cute

because everything starts somewhere...

Metalweave games also have a full color book for use with multiple RPG systems - personally I recommend finding 5 people and getting the books at $20 a pop...
vibrantabyss: (driving)
2015-02-25 04:50 pm

Snowpocalypse Sou?!

Dear Boston,

An airline seems to have misdirected your baggage.  By tomorrow, please pick up your 8"-12" of snow which it looks ike will be misplaced south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Clearly this is a clerical error of some sort, and we would like to get it straighted out as fast as possible.

This means I will likely be housebound for 36 hours or so, since they are also predicting 2-4" of idiot drivers as part of this weather system. That is of course a large-area average.  Localized MVAs will be 4'-6', with the occasional 10'-12' drift involving a tractor-trailer....  Our street lost one of its two stop signs last snowfall, which was <1".  not jut hit, but run over so hard it was bent full flat.