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Well the weekend was not quite a washout, but Monday is off to a good start.  I failed to knock most things off my to-do list this weekend, but I did get in some cleaning, rewriting of my to-do list, knocking off some other important paperwork, watchmakered a pile of new icons, and start a small construction project.  I have committed to doing some moving and kidcare things over the next two weeks, which means I am at least staying in some sort of motion.  I am also working on healthy habit-building, and so far that is working well.

In the regression to bad habits, my Hulu queue is down under 10.  It was zero when I left for NZ, and over 100 day I got back.

Did something I rarely do: give up on a book.  Running across a pair of paragraphs where, pronouns aside, the last sentence of each was identical made me shudder.  Dear Raymond Feist, please purchase a thesaurus if you expect me to peruse any future works.  Dear sir, please purchase it if you expect me to peruse any of them. 

Games day at the Buttery was interrupted by a call from my 1st floor tenant, reporting the basement was taking on water.  I zoomed home, and luckily it was an easy unjam of the pump.  Still got the adrenalin going, as by then all the Home Despots were long sold out of replacement pumps.

I still need to:
  - do taxes
  - mail the finished paperwork
  - gather up a third pile of papers (since taxes will require one pile-gather)
  - pick up boxes for moving
  - clean two rooms so I can plop down my newly cleaned rugs
  - finish the construction project, which got stalled because HD had a broken ripsaw and could not usefully cut some pieces such that I could fit them in my car.
  - get my ass to the gym
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Well, that was frustrating.  I just wrote up a long thoughtful post, with a todo list for the weekend and coming week, and LJ ate it.  No idea why, either.  Bah.


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