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If you have an American Express card, they have a holiday deal: if you spend $15 on *or* they give you a $15 credit.  I guess they are hoping you'll spend more than $15...  The allowance is notable, because that allows you to donate a tiny portion of the purchase price to charity - one of your choosing, and they seem to have an *exhaustive* directory of 501(c)3s.  Never seen another site that lets me give to the TOR project, for example...

In any case, if you have an Amex and *didn't* sign up for this offer - go do it, spend $15, get $15 back, and toss seven-and-a-half-cents top a charity.

When else am I going to get a chance to combine Doris Day and cryptographic charities in the same post?!
vibrantabyss: (caterpillar), which sells retro computer games, and recently has started doing new titles as well, is also selling a couple of indy movies.

Ink was shown at Arisia in ... '11(?) and I thought it was fantastic.

The Frame was released last month.  I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet.  I was going to post a review when I had but... crazy short term sale!

In any case, gog is selling digital downloads of each for $6 for the next 35 hours or so.
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I fronted for getting several deluxe copies via the Kickstarter, and meh, parity, so I have a spare.  If you are interested, let me know, and for $22 I can hand it off when I am in Boston for Arisia.
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CapitalOne is having an interesting 'sale'.
  $100 bonus for opening a checking account - requires $250 deposit (yeah, that's a 40% return if you do the bare minimum)
  $100 bonus for opening a savings account - requires $1,000 - but no hoops to jump (10% return)

note - both those take far less than a year (50 days and ... 30 days I think) so for those pedants, the effective APR value is way over 100%  :)

as well as cuts on closing cost and a tiny (%-wise) bonus for opening a sharebuilder account, although up to $1,250 bonus.

If you use the link here, I also get a cookie...
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You don't need a pile of stuff to have a good game, as the current trend in "microgames" is showing.

Here is one that looks outstanding.

If anyone is interested in the Deluxe level, it gets cheaper with quantity, so let me know!
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Although.... educational!   I've no idea if this game will actually help me learn Japanese, (I welcome comments from people) but it sure looks interesting, and at $10 for a PnP for all current and future sets, it isn't a huge pile of money...

Sadly, I'm not a twit, so I won't help out with the final 3-day tweeting goal.  Ah well.
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Cute little project over on Indiegogo - as expected, one I consider worth signal boosting.

IGG doesn't do so well for board games, compared to KS.  But they do manage to have some gems of computer games, like this and the previously mentioned Ghost of a Tale, which I am also looking forward to.

I wonder if it is something about IGG's funding model that discourages tabletop games getting backed...
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As you can get...

Capitol One (alack, alas, my poor ING direct) is having a special:

"Open 360 Checking (yes that is a referral link so I get a cookie) and make a total of 5 Debit Card purchases or CheckMate deposits (or any combo of the two) within 45 days of account opening. Your $125 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50."

Minimum balance required?  None that I could tell, so in theory I guess $100 or even less could get you a bonus $125 in under 2 months.  Nice ROI there, too bad it is one bonus per person - although those of you with kids, take notice - nice way to start teaching them about money.

Make my day and pile on with those referrals, help me hit the cap of 50, and get a little something extra in all our wallets for the new year  :-)
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Two awesome places to eat.  Doesn't look like they are doing references any longer, these are just straight links to the deals...

Blue Ribbon BBQ:

Fasika (Ethiopian):

and I haven't scanned the full list, but this is the best crop I've seen in a while...

Thanks to [ profile] thespian for the URL hack.
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Cute miniature game, robustly designed, lots of side material too.

Pluses include:
 + layered complexity - you can add rules as players get more familiar
 + scenarios for one shot play, campaigns for multi-session evolution of your tribe
 + nice scarcity conundrums - lots of nice decision making required
 + cute art style

 - would love to see more co-op scenarios, there seem to be some
 - not picking up new backers at a good rate (hence this shilling)

Full rules, several gameplay videos, and reviews linked on the KS site, which is more than many first time designers manage...

Already funding, churning it's way through stretch goals.  If mini gaming is for you (or your kids) go take a look!
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Fun light dice game, "ages 8+" (for small parts).  Looks like a good brain builder in that one of the mechanics is getting pairs and three-of-a-kind in the dice tosses.   Base cost: $9

Also has some art prints of a couple M:tG cards as options, which is about one step this side of sekrit.  Addition cost +$16 for one, +$26 for both.
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Anyone out there interested in giving it a try?  i could use a few more referral bonuses to up my own storage space, so let me know!
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For those that live for snark, especially t-shirt snark...

Also note worthy is their "Lose your own adventure" book series, for those who want to walk down that nostalgia lane...

Also, if folks in Camberville want to combine to save on shipping, I'll organize it - just comment here.


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