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Holy shit.  How had I never heard of Matthew Good?  Thank you Pandora for kicking these tunes my way:

A Man of Action

A Long Way Down

99% of Us is Failure
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Wow, that was some show.  Disorganized comments cause it's well past bedtime:

Carbon Leaf played many old favorites as well as four tracks from their new CD - release date today, the kickoff to their new tour after an n year hiatus.  They new enough to not only thank the crowd for showing up on a night the Sox were playing, but gave us updates.

This was a heavy audience participation show.   After a bit of a warmup - the opening band led us in singing several refrains, and Barry encouraged us to do the same during their second song... and the audience ran with it.  He actually gave up singing What About Everything in the middle of the second verse, since the audience was doing a fine job of belting it out.  He came back in partway through the 3rd, and you could tell he was enjoying this immensely.  W.A.E. is one of my least favorite CL songs - more because it had too much airplay than any other reason, but I rather enjoyed this collaboration.  There were several jams - nothing approaching a Phish jam, but still nice to hear them cut loose.

The encore was four or five songs, depending on how one counts.  For the 1st song, the band came out, gathered at the edge of the stage and treated us to a pure acoustic (not even mics) version of Learn to Fly.  They pulled out the lead guitarist and singer from the opening band for numbers 3, 4, and the close, which they did a nice cover of "Sweet Emotion".

Oh, and the opening band, Alternate Routes, was (after a rough open) pretty damn good.

Sad they didn't play Toy Soldiers, which is my personal fav, but I don't recall them doing it even on the Echo Echo tour.

Sleep now.
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Carbon Leaf, Paradise, tonight at 8.  Anyone already going or interested in coming with me?
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The way we interact with the world constantly changes.  Sometimes it's the little things.  This morning, the magic randomness of shuffle played two songs from the same album back-to-back for me.  And that got me thinking - when was the last time I listened to an entire album, tracks 1 to n, in order.  Radio has rarely been about such things - although I recall there being a show which asked listeners to submit their "perfect album side".  (Side?  Side?!  Talk about old tech...)  Some genres encourage it more than others, I suppose.  But it's been almost a decade since I listened to a full symphony, and longer than that for rock.[Poll #1370431][Poll #1370431]
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And yesterday I was wondering if I should bother going back and finishing.

The theme was songs with the same title. since a one song set make no sense - "Part I" had 1 title removed from each list, "Part II" 2, and "Part III" 3.  Each list has at least one artist found elsewhere (mood = connected).  Originally I wanted to only use songs that had made the top 40, any top 40.  But that fell apart at too low a number.  My second take was "songs I own".  In the end, I had to goof on two there.

1. Vacation: The Go-Go's, (Simple Plan)
2. Jump: Van Halen, Simple Plan, (The Pointer Sisters)
3. Birthday: Meredith Brooks, Quietdrive, Sugarcubes, (The Beatles)

4. Shout: Black Tide, The Isley Brothers, Donna Lewis, (Tears for Fears, Meredith Brooks)
5. In the End: Green Day, HoneyCreeper, Avril Lavigne, Cat Stevens, (Linkin Park, Rush) 
6. Runaway: Bon Jovi, Cartel, Jamiroquai, Pink, Del Shannon, (Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne)

7. Numb: The Cure, Disturbed, Ill Nino, Linkin Park, Portishead, (Pink, U2, Pet Shop Boys)
8. Open Your Eyes: 12 Stones, Alter Bridge, Guano Apes, Hoobastank, Staind, Sum 41, (Godlfinger, Snow Patrol, Yes)
9. Lift Me Up: Benjamin Gate, Jeff Lynne, Reel, Savage Garden, Bruce Springsteen, Voodoo Blue, Yes, (Moby, Live, Howard Jones)
10. Head Over Heels:  ABBA, Big Bang, Blue Rodeo, Boys Like Girls, Alain Clark, New Found Glory, Switchfoot, Tears for Fears, (The Go-Gos, Jamiroquai, Rascal Flatt*)

*the only real obscurata that was a missing artist, goofed on which one to remove from the list

I was hoping 4. and 6. would be good starting points - 4 would have been better if T4F was in view - but that would have meant hiding an obscure one.  I figured both the Isely Bros and Del were old enough and one-hit pervasive enough that.  Damn I *really* should have left T4F visible in 4. tho.  At least with 6. there was a chance for someone to say "Wait, didn't this other artist also have a song named..."

Ah well, big lesson for me in making this sort of thing.
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Every so often, it happens that I hear the bare snippet of a song and it just lights a fire in me.  Usually when I track it down I find that lyrics from parts that I have not yet heard are highly relevant, and often reveal things that conscious-me has avoided thinking about.

The last one I recall was Thom Yorke's Black Swan, which I 1st heard walking out of A Scanner Darkly.

This time around, it was Bloc Party's Signs.  It had me from the first few glockenspiel notes.  Given my other post* today, what are the odds I'd pull a song with a line-and-a-half like "I could sleep forever these days/Because in my dreams..."

Random chance is a strange and wonderful thing.  So is the feeling that everything is interconnected.  Time to go ponder the full lyrics.

*for those not on that lock: it was about vivid dreams, and noted that I was being tempted to sleep every chance I could
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So the day after my last post about, in the place of their normal innocuous link to an advertiser video (your music only gets interrupted when *you* choose...) was a link to a video about pandora and how the music is made.  Turns out it was a .. tutorial .. on different kinds of harmonies.  With some (but not much) musical background and none in vocals it was incredible to see and hear (the video was mostly colored lines rising and falling with each voice's pitch) different kinds of harmonies and being given the proper names for each type.

I was so happy I wrote into them, and got several responses from staff back, including a pointer to the rather burried 'pandora blog' area, which has .. piles and piles of audio on, well, all about the music - learn about instruments, composition, song writing, etc etc.  Just wow.  Still chewing through them, and will be for some time.  Of course, I have nothing to compare against - if any of the musicians out there want to take a gander and let me know if they think it's good stuff...


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