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A friend who is teaching was explaining the new "Common Core" way to teaching math, because it is "easier and more intuitive".  An actual 1st grade example taught to teachers follows:

32 - 12 = ?

Old way:

- 12

two from two is zero, one from three is two

New way:

 12 + 3 = 15 (why?  because 5s are easier?)
 15 + 5 = 20  (why? because we go to 10s)
 20 + 10 = 30 (why?  because we go BY 10s, more is too hard for a 1st grader)
 30 + 2 = 32 (why?  because adding 1 and one again would be just silly?)

then add up all those magically picked numbers to the right of the pluses..... 3 + 5 +10 + 2 = 8 + 12 = 20 which is your answer.  QED?!?

This is how math is now being taught in America.  Or at least "common core" states.

Anyone want to invest in yuan, or euros, or yen?

I wish tags could be done in STRIKEOUT font, so I could add humor as a tag...
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the animation director for Despicable Me decides to make a computer game, *by his lonesome*?  The intersection of cute and creepy!

The "early alpha" for Ghost of a Tale looks amazing.  And if I am reading it right, he knocked that out in 2 months while learning C# to customize the game engine he selected.  Probably safe to assume that the modeling of the skeleton rats (man do those look creepy) was done before that, while he was playing around with a different game engine, as well as the conceptual stuff rattling around in his head for years.  Still, I am impressed...

And he wants less than 30 USD for a copy, and is planning on plowing roughly an addition (full time) year of work into it?
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Input interpretation:

nearest full moon | to June 15, 2012 (nearest full moon to June 15, 2012)


2:33 am EST  |  Monday, January 9, 2012 (2:33 am EST, Monday January 9, 2012)

(edit: apparently, what looked like boxed text to me is an image... which shows fine for me even after reboot, but not for some.  so I have added the text next to the boxes)

Now, the only way that can be right is if there are no full moons in Feb, March, ... hmmm, What the hell does this answer engine know, or think it knows?!  The moon gets knocked out of orbit by a runaway comet?  The earth just plain old isn't here in February? 

Of course, it could just be *wrong*, but given all the 2012-lore, it is an.... interesting result, to say the least.  I wish it explained its reasoning.

W|A is an "answer engine" a type of approaching-AI system, similar to Cyc, if you are an AI geek, and don't want to read about it.  It drives it's math-munging on Mathematica, and yanks data from all over the place.  It does some natural language parsing as well - enough to get my question essentially correct.  The fact that the (for it) simple calculation produced a highly unexpected (and hopefully wrong) result was at least to me, well worth noting.


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