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I fronted for getting several deluxe copies via the Kickstarter, and meh, parity, so I have a spare.  If you are interested, let me know, and for $22 I can hand it off when I am in Boston for Arisia.
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GOG is running one of their redonkulous sales, so you can pick up most of the D&D titles for around $20.  Not $20 each, just $20.  And other similar 50-85% off crazieness (or $2-$5 if you prefer to think of it that way).  They are also finally getting in to the multiplayer platform market, ala Steam, and say they are workign to allow interaction with Steam users as well...
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You don't need a pile of stuff to have a good game, as the current trend in "microgames" is showing.

Here is one that looks outstanding.

If anyone is interested in the Deluxe level, it gets cheaper with quantity, so let me know!
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Although.... educational!   I've no idea if this game will actually help me learn Japanese, (I welcome comments from people) but it sure looks interesting, and at $10 for a PnP for all current and future sets, it isn't a huge pile of money...

Sadly, I'm not a twit, so I won't help out with the final 3-day tweeting goal.  Ah well.
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Cute little project over on Indiegogo - as expected, one I consider worth signal boosting.

IGG doesn't do so well for board games, compared to KS.  But they do manage to have some gems of computer games, like this and the previously mentioned Ghost of a Tale, which I am also looking forward to.

I wonder if it is something about IGG's funding model that discourages tabletop games getting backed...
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Anyone interested in going in with me on this KS game?  The two copy level comes out a hair cheaper ($22.50 each) , plus gets extra cookies for each game.
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Anyone interested in trying out FORCED with me?

It is released on steam now, and on sale for the same as the KS EB ($12).  A four-pack is $36 - which makes it less than a $10 buy-in per person...
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the animation director for Despicable Me decides to make a computer game, *by his lonesome*?  The intersection of cute and creepy!

The "early alpha" for Ghost of a Tale looks amazing.  And if I am reading it right, he knocked that out in 2 months while learning C# to customize the game engine he selected.  Probably safe to assume that the modeling of the skeleton rats (man do those look creepy) was done before that, while he was playing around with a different game engine, as well as the conceptual stuff rattling around in his head for years.  Still, I am impressed...

And he wants less than 30 USD for a copy, and is planning on plowing roughly an addition (full time) year of work into it?


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