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OK, I have rocking friends.  Just totally rocking.

My dear friend from M√ľnchen, Katrin, had a two-part winter gift for me - and she would not send the second part until I had the first. Got part one a few days ago, and let her know.... Turns out part two was a bunch of mp3 files. She made a follow-along recording of the entire children's book that was the first gift, so I can practice my listening as well as my reading. How f'ing cool is that?!

I just got back from my first yoga class in four or five years, and it was both hard and exhilarating. Mostly I was struggling, but several times there was the "oh, i'm running tow sets of muscles in opposition" and I just let go and that felt so wonderful. Thank you [personal profile] surrealestate for inspiring me yet again.

Starting a writing project with [personal profile] shava23, which is getting yet another disused part of me into gear.  We'll see how that goes, but it looks like it'll be another cool trajectory.

Belated thanks to [profile] warlord_mit for getting me back into cooking by going along with my weekly dinner idea.

And much gratitude to [profile] eccentrific and [profile] sweetmmeblue for providing sanity checking as I step outside the me-that-has-been for some past number of years.  And putting up with a pile of crap from me during that time.

This feels like its going to be a very good year.


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