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OK, I expect to get flamed on this, but.. really people.  I think most of the outrage over the Hyatt housekeeping mess is fueled by a sense of empathy and that in this economy people can all too easily see themselves in exactly the same position.  Fifteen years ago the same behavior barely made the news, and generated almost no public reaction.

Yes, the Hyatt was slimy in the way they got the existing staff to train the replacements.  And that does piss me off, but not to the levels I'm seeing other folks achieve.  That sort of thing is not new, and very sadly not all that uncommon.   I ran out of serious grump on that a long time ago.  If you are using an iPhone, then you are supporting AT&T Wireless, who did the same thing about six years ago, they were just stealthier about it.  There are other data providers, car manufacturers, banks, retailers... on and on, that have done the same thing, including the deception, in the last decade.

Many companies, like BoA,  strongly hint that their employees properly  train replacements when they outsource, or risk losing their entire severance package.  Yay "satisfactorily complete your work duties" clause.  I don't think a gun to the head is any better than trickery.  Do you?

Is it that the replacements are getting $8 an hour...  If a housekeeper with 20 years of experience makes $16 an hour, what do you expect starting labor to make?  As someone pointed out in a thread on this - for many people doing these sorts of jobs, being able to send $40 a week home, even if it means living 6 or 8 people to a 1000 sq ft apartment, is a goldmine for their families.  Can't both have piles of immigrants *and* not have a steep labor-cost gradient.  Also note: $16/hour full time is enough that the state won't contribute to your healthcare.  $8 is low enough to get fully covered, plus other benefits.  The quality-of-life to hourly rate is really messed up at the lower ranges, where more money can mean less at the end of the day.  But that is a divergent rant.

Marriott, Westin, and several other large chains make use of .. yep, the self-same HSS, for most to all of their housekeeping staff in some of their locations.  Do they in Boston?  Haven't dug extensively enough to be sure.  But they do at some locations somewhere in the US.  So that makes Hyatt a late arrival in the outsourcing game.  Should we boycott all chains that use cheap outsourced housekeeping labor?  Punish Hyatt for holding off on doing this?  

With well north of 6,000 employees (they hit that mark in 2007) HSS is supplying a fair bit of housekeeping labor across (mostly) the eastern seaboard.
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If I knew how to embed it I would....

Ok, now this is my kind of social commentary cartoon.

See also a nerdly dissection of the deeper issues by [ profile] shava23 .


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