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Day 5 in Taiwan, and about time I posted a few short notes.  Spent my first few days in Banciao (or Banqiao, or one of half a dozen spellings) - translate as "Woodbridge" and have done.  Less particle pollution than Taipei, but more wave pollution (sound that is)  Earplugs helped when inside my Dad's 19th floor apartment, and were an absolute must when outside.  Weather was gorgeous - the right sort of 18-20 degrees to have outside.

Took a bullet train (300 kph) to the south of the island, where I now am.  Passing through the Tropic of Cancer, and dodging the three days of rain predicted up north the weather here is great, although the sun is brutal - 60 minutes by the pool, 30 on each side, was enough to give me the beginnings of a burn.  The sonic assault continues - the dinner music is about the right level once earplugs are in.  If I'm in my room, several floors away, with the door closed.

Spent yesterday hiking on ancient coral - now 500-600m above sea level.  I should have numerous pictures to post from that tomorrow.  Great terrain, tons of butterflies, one eagle, and several spiders.  Hiked that from the hotel, so it was about 16km total.  Slept very well after that.

The water is beautiful and clear, but almost devoid of sea life, at least at snorkling depths.  Not going to SCUBA as it's not my Dad's thing, and really this is a trip to visit with him.

Tomorrow taking a bus tour in the morning, to get to some of the less accessible natural wonders - the one I most want to see is a fissure that is billed as "natural fire" - constantly leaking some sort of gas I guess...  And then back north on another bullet.


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