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Well, I now have a new cooking thing under my belt: making crème fraîche, and I will say it was both fun and rewarding.  Took longer than the recipe called for, but that is because I run my apartment well below the 72 F that it really wants.  I followed the video found here.

1st use: sweetened, whipped, as a topping for blueberry-walnut pie

2nd use: with chives, on bacon-potato egg pie

Whipping crème fraîche by hand was easier than expected as well.  I didn't need a lot, so I spooned 3 tbsp into a bowl and just beat it with a whisk.  Not much happened for about 40 seconds, and just as I was starting to wonder, it thickened up amazingly in about a dozen strokes.

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What if there was an endangered species - for reasons of current habitat - that could thrive in another environment and multiply as fast as rabbits, but the only willingness to transplanted it would be if it could be farmed as a yummy food source. [Poll #1523987]

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.
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Not even day 1 pickup, and yet the farmshare cooking has commenced.  Back to the season of vegan for me, since I will be so overrun with food that buying anything or eating out more than once a week  will mean produce goes to waste...

Fast, simple, tried and true: Sauteed spinach and garlic, with basil and olive oil.

Fast, simple, and new: Peas and pea tendrils, with sweet lemon dressing.

So many meals, so little stomach.

Hmmm, also need to make me a food/cooking related icon...


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