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Just because I mocked you for your weather last we did NOT mean you had to send me a sample.
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I guess there are a few upsides to having moved south...
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If you have an American Express card, they have a holiday deal: if you spend $15 on *or* they give you a $15 credit.  I guess they are hoping you'll spend more than $15...  The allowance is notable, because that allows you to donate a tiny portion of the purchase price to charity - one of your choosing, and they seem to have an *exhaustive* directory of 501(c)3s.  Never seen another site that lets me give to the TOR project, for example...

In any case, if you have an Amex and *didn't* sign up for this offer - go do it, spend $15, get $15 back, and toss seven-and-a-half-cents top a charity.

When else am I going to get a chance to combine Doris Day and cryptographic charities in the same post?!
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Having mentioned this artist before, I will toss out that they are releasing a 4-song EP for free.
vibrantabyss: (caterpillar), which sells retro computer games, and recently has started doing new titles as well, is also selling a couple of indy movies.

Ink was shown at Arisia in ... '11(?) and I thought it was fantastic.

The Frame was released last month.  I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet.  I was going to post a review when I had but... crazy short term sale!

In any case, gog is selling digital downloads of each for $6 for the next 35 hours or so.
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of the Pond....

Haven't seen mention of the radio adaptation.  Would love to see it rebroadcast or lpayed at Arisia a year and a bit from now.  The rest is a nice read.
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Sometimes my brain hits me with things.  I might as well share the joy, Jeopardy style.

An appetizer of salmon fry:

What is "parr for the course"?
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I fronted for getting several deluxe copies via the Kickstarter, and meh, parity, so I have a spare.  If you are interested, let me know, and for $22 I can hand it off when I am in Boston for Arisia.
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It has been a while since I have really paid attention to what perks my credit cards offer.  After having someone talk me not-quite-out of a large purchase, on the grounds that I should wait 'til after the holidays for the EVEN BIGGER SALES... something tickled my brain - I do actually read all the stuff from my cards, even if it gets filed in the sulci tucked behind the unlit ganglia, with a sign on it saying 'Beware of the Leopard'

In any case, Lo! (and Hark too, for good measure)  One of my cards does in fact offer price protection - if an item I buy pops up at a lower price within 90 days - in print or on the 'net (sales are fine, auction sites are not), the card will cpver the delta up to $500 per item.  Well, so much for waiting to see if it goes on a deeper sale... I can figure that out later.

Amusingly, the second google hit in my search was from a site on "How the rich stay rich".  So check your cards, enjoy the season, and enjoy benefits that you already pay for.
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CapitalOne is having an interesting 'sale'.
  $100 bonus for opening a checking account - requires $250 deposit (yeah, that's a 40% return if you do the bare minimum)
  $100 bonus for opening a savings account - requires $1,000 - but no hoops to jump (10% return)

note - both those take far less than a year (50 days and ... 30 days I think) so for those pedants, the effective APR value is way over 100%  :)

as well as cuts on closing cost and a tiny (%-wise) bonus for opening a sharebuilder account, although up to $1,250 bonus.

If you use the link here, I also get a cookie...
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*some* countries have a clue what to do if when police response gets out of control.

Although they *do* make messes at a faster rate, or so our media tells us.  And they have a longer history of worse crap...
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GOG is running one of their redonkulous sales, so you can pick up most of the D&D titles for around $20.  Not $20 each, just $20.  And other similar 50-85% off crazieness (or $2-$5 if you prefer to think of it that way).  They are also finally getting in to the multiplayer platform market, ala Steam, and say they are workign to allow interaction with Steam users as well...
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Malapropism, I knew.  New connected words: eggcorn, mondegreen, mumpsimus.
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"'It' isn't work, 'it' is a soul crushing exercise in misery that offers health and dental."

Kudos to the writer that came up with that one...
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Well, pick 7 of the 10 as your words of the day....
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Malkovich Malkovich
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huge bonus points if you know what those have in common.
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OK, can someone in Somerville do me a silly, small, solid favor?

My last water bill took twelve (!!) days for them to process.  As a result I owe them 42 cents (and climbing) because it was not processed in a timely manner.  They are sorry that there are delays in getting the mail handled, and the delays have been higher than normal, but not their problem, so sorry.

So if anyone happens to be in the vicinity of town hall and has two spare quarters...
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Sometimes I jot down lyric snippets of songs used in TV episodes.  More rarely I will hunt down the song using said lyrics.  This time the voice sounded familiar enough that I was sure this wasn't the first time I'd heard him either.... yeah, he's been picked up in: Bitten, Continuum, NCIS, Lie to Me, SG-U, House, Covert Affairs, and tonight, Suits.  And those are just the shows I watch.  And yet, I have zero name recognition.

And ... he's on this side of the pond, playing in Boston on Sept 26th.  Sadly, not me any more, so I won't get to check him out live.


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